All are one, be alike to everyone

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Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Divine Discourse
Vijayadasami, Prasanthi Nilayam, 9 October 2008

Karma is responsible for the birth, existence, and death of people.

It holds sway over all stages of their lives as the very deity of human existence. It is responsible for joy and sorrow.

(Telugu poem)

People experience pleasure and pain, sorrow and difficulties in this world. When they experience pleasure, they would say it is due to their deservedness. On the other hand, when they undergo difficulties, they attribute it to

their destiny. Really speaking, both pleasure and pain are the result of one’s own actions (karma). “As are the feelings, so is the result (Yad bhavam tad bhavathi).” As are the actions, so will be the result. As is the food, so will be the belch. Similarly, the entire world is based on karma. Hence, the karmas performed by people should be sacred.

The three facets of the divine female principle

It is now Dasara festival time. What is Dasara? The celebration of Dasara festival is meant to purify the actions performed by the dasendriyas (5 senses of action and 5 senses of perception). Every human being in this world has to perform some kind of karma (action). The presiding deity or the driving force behind these actions is Devi (also known as Durga), who is the personification of energy. She is the bestower of all kinds of energy to perform various kinds of karma by the human beings.

Goddess Lakshmi bestows various kinds of wealth like money, food grains, gold, different kinds of objects, vehicles for movement, etc., to human beings so that they can lead a happy life in this world.

The third facet of the divine female principle is Saraswathi, the goddess of learning and intellect.

Thus, the Trinity of Durga (goddess of energy), Lakshmi (goddess of wealth) and Saraswathi (goddess of learning and intellect) are worshipped during this festival of Dasara. This is the underlying principle of worshipping this Trinity of Durga, Lakshmi, and Saraswathi during this 9‑day (Navaratri) festival. It is essential that people worship all these three facets of the divine Principle.

One Bilva leaf with three petals is offered to the three-eyed Lord Siva,
Who is the embodiment of the three attributes (gunas),
Who holds the trident in his hand, and
Who destroys the sins accumulated over three births.

Tridalam Trigunakaram
Trinetram Cha Triyayudham;
Trijanma Papa Samharam
Eka Bilvam Sivarpanam

Human intellect is to be used for righteous actions

Everyone performs Devi Puja (worshipping goddess Devi) during the Navaratri festival, which confers energy on the individual. The worship of Lakshmi brings all kinds of wealth, and that of Saraswathi, learning and good intellect. Hence, the worship of all three aspects of goddess is very important during the Navaratri festival.

In all this worship, righteousness (dharma) is of utmost importance. One should enquire into oneself what result would accrue on account of a particular action and then get into it. This reasoning faculty is in the domain of the intellect (buddhi), which is all-pervading in the human body. Just as the electric current passes through the wire, intellect enters and influences all senses of a human being. Hence, every human being should make proper use of their intellect and undertake only righteous actions at all times.

No doubt, one is bound by the result of one’s own actions — good or bad. And, no result is possible without performing an action. The Pandavas experienced the result of their karmas. So did Sita in the Ramayana. Hence, we should undertake good and sacred karmas beneficial to society, thereby sanctifying our lives.

The left side of the chest of Lord Mahavishnu is the abode of Goddess Lakshmi. Seated in that sacred abode, she showers her grace on one and all. Lord Vishnu is also known as Narayana. Lord Narayana in this context does not refer to Lakshminarayana, but to Sathyanarayana (meaning Sai Baba).

This unique Avatar is the embodiment of truth and righteousness

This Sathyanarayana moves among people, cuts jokes, talks to them, and makes them happy. The Lakshminarayana reclines on Adisesha, the serpent. This Sathyanarayana too was rocked under the bed by a serpent when he was just a newborn baby. Sathyanarayana looks like any other ordinary human being, but He possesses extraordinary and superhuman powers. They are indescribable. He looks very innocent. Yet, sathya (truth) is the most important quality He looks for in the people. Wherever He goes, He teaches truth only, for, from truth emerges righteousness (dharma). “There is no dharma greater than adherence to truth (Sathyannasti paro dharma).” In fact, Sathyanarayana is the embodiment of Truth and Righteousness (Sathya and Dharma)! It is for propagating these two human values that Lord Sathyanarayana has incarnated in human form as Sathyanarayana Raju.

Sathyanarayana is a unique Avatar, though He appears to be an ordinary human being. People often commit the mistake of taking Him to be an ordinary human, since He very closely interacts with them at the human level. Whatever He speaks is truth, truth, and nothing but truth! Truth is often times construed as giving expression to one’s own thoughts. It is not as simple as that, it is much more: putting them into action. Truth is one with perfect accord between one’s thought, word, and deed.

People do not follow My words properly. They take My words lightly, thinking them to be just a joke or fun. Whatever I speak, even if it is a joke or for fun, it is Truth, Truth and Truth only! Unfortunately, people do not recognise this truth, even those who move very closely with Swami. They therefore take it lightly. They just listen and forget about it. But, surely the result of their apathy would be apparent sooner than later.

Only those who are unable to visualise the future will be taking my words lightly. Though Swami is moving in front of them, giving them darshan, talking to them now and then, and performing several gigantic tasks right in front of their eyes, people are unable to recognise His true nature and get convinced by His words. How strange it is! It is nearing 83 years since this body was born. I have not forgotten a single incident in this earthly sojourn. But people say, “Swami forgets things”. No, there is no truth at all in this statement. Forgetfulness is not in My dictionary.

The principle of Sathya Sai is the principle of Soham Mantra, which never comes under the veil of forgetfulness in the waking, dream, and deep sleep states. (Telugu song)

It is human nature to misunderstand Truth, which is beyond the three periods of time (past, present, and future) and the three states of human life (awake, dream, and deep sleep). I am now revealing that truth. I have never tried to reveal this so far. Since the time has come to reveal it, I am doing so. People have to realise this. Truth does not make any kind of distinction. It has neither friends nor foes. It has no hatred or dislike against anyone. All are the children of Truth (Sathyam)! Hence, all are equal to Me.

I do not make any distinction between people. You may think that I am giving more attention to some people or favouring some. You may also think that I am ignoring some people. No, this is not true. You all know and you must have also seen Me. I do not at all get angry against anybody, even though some talk ill of Me. I will always be smiling. Even the apparent anger that I display sometimes is just to correct an individual. The students vouchsafe for this attitude of Mine. They wonder how Swami is able to put up such a smiling countenance in the midst of great criticism and how could Swami muster such great patience!

One Atmanarayana immanent in all

For Me, all are one even though individuals appear to be different in form and qualities; there is only one divine force working through them. That is the power of Atma (Atma sakthi). There is only one Atmanarayana immanent in all human beings, nay, all living beings. Every human being must try to realise this Atmic Principle (Atma Thathwa).

So many bulbs illuminate this hall. However, the electric current flowing in all these bulbs is the same. The bulbs may appear to be different, but the current is the same. Similarly, even though the names and forms of the living beings in God’s creation appear to be different, the Atmic consciousness permeating them is only one. If the main switch is switched off, all these lights go off and darkness envelops Thus, God illumines the entire universe as the Atmic Principle immanent in all the living beings and objects.

Even though God may appear to be involved in so many activities in this world, it is only for the pleasure of His devotees. He has no desires of His own. He has only one desire: “May all the beings in all the worlds be happy (Samasta lokah sukhino bhavantu)!”

However, human beings will be experiencing the results of their own actions. It is not possible for all to be always happy in this ephemeral world. One may experience happiness, while another may suffer at the same time. This is the nature of the world. The sorrows and difficulties or pleasure and pain bring different experiences to different people, but the Atmic Principle present in all the human beings is only one.

Electric bulbs may be of different colours and sizes, but the electric current passing through them is the same. Only the wattage of the bulbs is different. Depending upon the wattage, some bulbs may be bright while others are dim. The brightness or dimness is due only to the wattage of the bulbs and has nothing to do with the current. Similarly, the sorrows and difficulties, pleasure and pain experienced by different individuals are only their own making, and God has nothing to do with it.

Lord Sathyanarayana is also called Vishnu. Lord Vishnu has incarnated as Sathyanarayana in this world. Hence, Sathyanarayana is verily Lord Vishnu. This has been explained in the Vishnu Purana. You must understand His true nature (thathwa) well.

I have not given a discourse during the last ten days. What is the reason? People attributed different reasons for this, according to their imagination. But one thing is true. I am sitting before the microphone today to reveal the truth. My love is supreme and pure. I love those who love Me. I love even those who develop hatred toward Me. I am also extending My love to those who are demonic and who try to put Me to great inconvenience. There is no one in this world whom I do not love.

Unfortunately, people do not realise this truth. People think, “Swami is not talking to us; perhaps Swami is angry with us.” Let Me assure you that I have no anger at all. I have only one thing: ‘hunger’, ‘hunger’ for devotees! It is only due to this hunger that I draw devotees in large numbers to Me.

Be assured that God is the embodiment of Love. He has no hatred toward anybody. It is to teach this principle of love that the Navaratri celebrations have been started. Different people worship God and sing His glory in different ways. I have no difference at all! I wish that all should live as embodiments of love and like brothers and sisters. Men are more valuable than all the wealth of the world.

All are God’s children. God is the only father of all. Hence, we must love all. Others may or may not love us, but we must love all and serve all. People keep a distance from us as long as they do not understand the power of love. Once they understand and experience love, they become one with us. I am waiting for such a transformation in the hearts of people.

Thousands of people have heard My discourses over a period of time. Thousands and thousands of people witnessed My divine powers on various occasions. In spite of all that, people are unable to understand the true nature of My Divinity. People talk of so many things according to their perceptions and understanding. It is not their fault. There are very few people who could realise Truth and conduct themselves accordingly. Only those who realise the path of Truth will be able to follow it. When people develop anger or hatred against Truth, they keep themselves away from it. Irrespective of their love or hatred, we should always love them. People keep a distance from one another due to differences of opinion. In fact, you are not different from others. Today, they may appear to be different, but tomorrow they may come close to you. All are brothers and sisters! Hence, all should live like brothers and sisters with love and unity.

“All are one; be alike to everyone.” This is My special message on this holy occasion of Navaratri.

You will be able to realise truth sooner or later. When a tree bears fruit, not all the fruits in a bunch will ripen at the same time. Similarly, when a plant bears flowers, not all the flowers blossom at the same time. Some will be in the process of blossoming, some are fully blossomed, yet others will be only in the bud stage. Only the fully blossomed flower spreads its fragrance.

Similarly, people will be in different stages of evolution — some are like the bud, some at the blossoming stage, and some others like the fully blossomed flower, spreading their fragrance. We have to wait patiently till the fragrance stage comes. This is My important message.

Today is the Purnahuthi day of the sacrificial rite Veda Purusha Saptaha Jnana Yajnam. What is meant by Purnahuthi? It means total sacrifice. My life has always been one of sacrifice!

That is full, this is full.
When the full is taken out of the full,
What remains again is the full.

Purnamada purnamidam
Purnat purnamudachyate
Purnasya purnamadaya

(Sanskrit verse)

Those who understand the truth will be able to know. Students are still in the budding stage. It will take some time for them to understand the true spirit of Swami’s words. Hence, keep patience till then.

Students must avoid the use of cell phone

One more thing I wish to mention in this context. I see several boys keeping cell phones in their pockets. They think that they are keeping cell phones for their convenience and easy communication. They do not realise the ill-effects of these instruments. Cell phones are often misused for undesirable purposes, like establishing contacts between boys and girls. They develop bad thoughts and bad connections between them.

In order that bad thoughts should not enter our minds, avoid such connections altogether. It is said, “The mind is the cause of bondage and liberation (Manah eva manushyanam karanam bandhamokshayo).” It is common practice that we give our telephone numbers to all and sundry. What happens thereafter? Bad contacts develop. All unnecessary calls are made to verify whether we respond to them or not. Thus, boys and girls develop unnecessary contacts and establish undesirable relationships between them. Hence, I strongly advise you not to make use of cell phones. It may be convenient in the beginning, but gradually it will lead to bad ways.

I will be approaching 83 years of age shortly. I have not made use of a telephone till now. Several people want to make calls to Me expressing their sorrow and seeking solace. Come what may, I do not use the phone. Hence, I have a right to guide you and warn you.

You must be very careful. You are still in the budding stage. Conduct yourself carefully, keeping your age in mind. If you don’t take proper care of yourself, even the world will look down upon you. You will be branded as a careless youngster. Respect and disrespect in the world depends on the way you conduct yourself. You may think that your conduct is alright, but it is for others to judge. Always conduct yourself in such a way that you do not give scope for any misunderstanding by others.

The elders may exercise discretion and try to understand you in proper spirit, but children of your age cannot do so. Once misunderstanding sets in, you will miss the finer things in life and become doomed. Hence, I wish that you all be very careful in your contacts and relations with others. If possible, dump your cell phones in a well. You will be happy and peaceful. Better you don’t acquire them at all! Even if you acquire one, establish contact and connection with only those with whom it is desirable.

Do not develop unnecessary and undesirable contacts with others. By developing such contacts, you gather news from all and sundry and pass it on to others. Ultimately, you will end up as Narada, poking your nose into all sorts of things. You will not only spoil your mind with unwanted things but will also spoil the minds of others. Why all this unpleasantness? Is it not because of your unwanted and undesirable telephonic contacts? Hence, be careful and earn a good name for yourself, your parents, and the institution in which you are studying.