Develop love and lead the life of a true manava

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Divine Discourse
Ugadi Message (Evening), Prasanthi Nilayam, 20 March 2007

Students! Citizens of Anantapur!

The words you uttered and the programmes you presented got imprinted in My heart. You have set an example to others and proved beyond doubt that people of Anantapur are endowed with immense potentiality and talent. It is My wish that all other districts should emulate your example. I do not have any other desire. I want to purify your heart and confer peace and bliss on you. That is the only desire I have. I do not have even a trace of hatred in Me nor do I have any enemies. All are Mine. It is My love that is present in all of you. I speak only about love and nothing else. I have immense love for the children. In fact they are My only property. If they come up in life, the entire world will prosper.

Maintain the spirit of unity

You should always be united. You call yourself a Hindu. What does the term HINDU signify?

H — Humility, I — Individuality, N – Nationality, D – Divinity, U – Unity.

These are verily our five life-breaths (Pranas). Just as five elements, five senses and five life-sheaths constitute our physical body; these five principles constitute the very essence of spirituality. Hence you have to safeguard these five principles and stand united. Never give scope for differences of opinion even in trivial matters. If any differences were to arise, each should be prepared to forgive the other. All are the children of God. All are brothers and sisters. You should understand this truth and conduct yourself accordingly. There is love in everyone. It is only when man develops love in him can all be united. When we develop love and give up hatred, our innate power will manifest. Elders are bogged down by a number of worries which weaken their mental power. But the youth are endowed with immense power of mind and senses. They should develop it by putting the senses to sacred use.

We should develop the spirit of unity. Never think that you belong to a particular state and thereby give rise to differences. You should always think that you belong to India. This is what I told in Madras (Chennai) recently. Do not identify yourself with Vyashti Tatwa (individual principle). We should identify ourselves with Samashti Tatwa (societal principle) and cultivate unity. Never forget the feeling of nationality. Consider truth, righteousness, peace, love and non-violence as your Pancha Pranas (five life-breaths) and uphold the sanctity of the name ‘Manava’ (human being). Where there is love, there is peace. Where there is peace, there is non-violence. One bereft of love cannot attain peace. Peace cannot be purchased in a shop. In the external world, you find only pieces, but not peace. Even if you were to ask a millionaire, he will say, “I have everything except peace of mind”. One can attain peace only through love. Divine love is the basis for every thing. When we develop love for God, everything will be taken care of. If we do not have love for God, we will be giving scope to evil qualities such as anger, hatred, jealousy, etc. Man today has given up human qualities such as love, peace, compassion and is leading the life of an animal.

We should face all difficulties with forbearance.

Forbearance is the real beauty in this sacred land of Bharat. Of all the rituals, adherence to truth is the greatest penance. The nectarous feeling in this country is the feeling of love towards one’s mother. Character is valued far higher than the very life itself. People have forgotten the basic principles of this great culture and are imitating Western culture. Alas! The Bharatiyas are not aware of the greatness of their cultural heritage just as a mighty elephant is not aware of its own strength. (Telugu poem)

Man is endowed with great power. The power that is present in us cannot be traced anywhere else. But we forget our innate power as we are immersed in evil qualities such as hatred and jealousy. We should never have hatred or anger towards any– one. Do not be perturbed if someone vents out his anger on you. Offer your salutation to him and remain calm and composed. Greet even your enemy with love saying, “Hello brother, how are you?” When you address him as brother, he will reciprocate the same brotherly affection. On the other hand, if you tell him, “You are my enemy”, he will continue to develop hatred towards you. All your feelings will come back to you in the form of reaction, reflection and resound. As is the action so is the result. Can you get the belch of pineapple when you eat a mango? No. The smell of your belch depends on the fruit you have consumed. Likewise, you will experience only love when you fill your heart with love.

Love is the true human quality

Dear Children,

You should develop love right from this tender age. Here love implies not worldly love, but divine love. When you have divine love, you will not be affected by the ‘deep wine’ of worldly desires. Hence, develop divine love. My life bears testimony to the principle of divine love. Love is the hallmark of true humanness. One bereft of love cannot be called a human being at all. Hence, develop love and lead the life of Manava in the true sense of the term. Earn a good name.

The programme you presented today and the feelings you have expressed should be propagated to the entire nation. Unfortunately, these days none of the newspapers carry reports of such sacred events. They give wide publicity to all the trash of the tinsel world.

We should fill our heart with sacred, selfless and unwavering love. God is described as Nirgunam, Niranjanam, Sanathana Niketanam, Nitya, Shuddha, Buddha, Mukta, Nirmala Swarupinam (God is attributeless, pure, final abode, eternal, unsullied, enlightened, free and embodiment of sacredness). We should make efforts to sanctify our human birth. How can it be sanctified? Is it by indulging in conflicts and developing hatred? No, no. These are bestial qualities. Love is the true human quality. Hence, dear children! Develop love. Whenever there is difference of opinion among you, brush it aside. When you consider love as your life-breath, there will be no scope for bestial tendencies such as hatred and jealousy. Animals are living in forests without any hatred towards each other. Such an evil tendency is seen often among men who are supposed to lead a civilised life. It is contrary to human nature. Human life is meant to develop love, not to accumulate money. “Money comes and goes but morality comes and grows.”

Dear Children,

You are endowed with a pure heart and a steady mind. When you have the purity of heart, it is easy to develop love. In fact, your love can become as expansive as the sky. Never give up love under any circumstances. Swami is always in you, with you, around you, above you and below you. Hence, develop love. Very soon I will come to Anantapur. It is more than ten years since I last paid a visit to Anantapur. But now, drawn by the power of your love and Sankalpa, I will certainly come. Be prepared for My visit singing bhajans more and more and sharing your love with one and all. “Hari bhajan bina sukha santhi nahin…” One cannot attain peace without singing the glory of God.

There are many women who are endowed with bhakti and prapatthi (devotion and a sense of surrender). They should all come together and organise activities. They should keep their homes clean and mould their children along the sacred path. But today educated women are undertaking jobs. Such women will have little understanding of their responsibilities on the home front.

If women go out for jobs, who will take care of the home?

If women go out to teach others’ children in schools, who will look after their own children?

(Telugu poem)

Firstly, you should teach your own children and put them on the right path. Only then can you be called a true mother. If you go to office neglecting your own children, they may take to wrong ways. Consequently, you will lose your peace of mind. Hence, take proper care of your family in the first instance. Respect your parents and in-laws. There lies the true meaning of ideal womanhood. Children, youth, elders, men and women, all should tread the path of truth. Only then can you spread joy and bliss every where in our nation and to the world at large. It is not merely our home or our physical body that we have to safeguard. We have to protect our nation. After all what is this physical body? It exists today but may not live to see another day. Body is like a water bubble. Mind is like a mad monkey. Do not follow the body, do not follow the mind. Follow your conscience. Only then can you attain happiness in all respects.

Embodiments of Love! 

Today your love has deeply touched My heart. My heart is filled with immense bliss watching you distribute various items to the poor and the needy. Aswattha Narayana and his family have extended all their support to this noble cause. Many people of the town, professors and lecturers worked together with great enthusiasm. They have done much more than what they had planned.

(Addressing the beneficiaries Bhagawan said)

Ask Me whatever you require, I will certainly give you. Do not give up your studies for want of money. If you cannot afford to pay your monthly fees, ask Me. I will give you the required money. Your parents may be struggling to make both ends meet. Hence, do not trouble them for money. “Matru devo bhava, Pitru devo bhava” (Revere your mother as God, father as God).

Do not think that God is present in a distant land, far away from you. God can never be away from you. He will never forsake you. He is always in you, with you and around you. Have firm faith in this truth and be happy always. When you are alone, think that God is with you. Tell yourself, “I am not alone. God is with me.” Right from this moment, develop such firm conviction. You will be free from all worries and anxieties. Develop sacred feelings in your heart.