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Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Divine Discourse
Ladies Day, Prasanthi Nilayam, 19 November 2005

Embodiments of Love!

Today, being Ladies day, many ladies have gathered here to share their happiness with one and all. We distinguish and differentiate between ladies and gents on the basis of upadhi (vesture) or physical form. However, the principle of Brahman present in ladies and gents is one and the same. Sarvam khalvidam Brahma (verily all this is Brahman). Everyone aspires to attain divinity. Many sages, seers and yogis did intense penance to have the vision of God. Where is God? Daivam manusha rupena (God incarnates in the form of a human being). God assumes human form to protect humanity. This has been the mission of all avatars.

Every one is an embodiment of God

Embodiments of Love!

God transcends names, forms and attributes. He is infinite and not limited to a particular form. Once Sage Narada and a few other sages prayed to Lord Narayana to incarnate in human form and redeem mankind. Lord Narayana said, “Narada, Brahma Shakti (Divine power) is positive. It is not possible for Brahma Shakti to incarnate on earth unless it is coupled with negative power. It is only when the positive and negative combine that Divinity manifests in human form.”

In response to the prayers of sages and seers, God comes down in human form. He strives for the welfare of humanity and bestows joy on one and all. The Avatar is a manifestation of Brahmaswarupa and manavatwa (humanness). The same principle of Brahman is latent in all. One has to develop inward vision in order to experience Him. Easwara sarva bhutanam (God is the indweller of all beings). In this cosmic drama, God alone is the director and also the actor. He is donning all the roles such as mother, father, husband, wife, daughter, son, etc. Someone says, “I have been blessed with a grandson today”. The grandson is a manifestation of Brahma. Brahma alone assumes various names and forms in this world. When God incarnates on earth, He has to assume the form of jiva. The principles of daivatwa (Divinity) and jivatwa (individual) are inseparable. You cannot find one to the exclusion of the other. Divinity has no specific form. Only the jiva has a name and a form but not deva. He is present in all. In fact, each one of you is an embodiment of God. Whatever you see around is also the manifestation of God. Even the small birds that you see here are endowed with the principle of divinity. There is no place which is not pervaded with divinity. There is no form which is not divine. However, God assumes a particular form based on the feelings of His devotees.

God is extolled as Sabda Brahmamayi, Characharamayi, Jyotirmayi, Vangmayi, Nityanandamayi, Paratparamayi, Mayamayi and Sreemayi (embodiment of sound, mobility and immobility, light, speech, eternal bliss, perfection, delusion and wealth).Hence, even the words that we utter manifest our innate divinity. It is God who speaks through each one of you. You should have this firm conviction. If someone accuses you, think that God in that form is accusing you. When you develop such spirit of oneness and tolerance, you will never be perturbed by censure and blame. Your mind will always remain in peace. Whatever may happen, accept it wholeheartedly as the Will of God. Have firm faith that it is God and God alone who is the doer. Do not consider your fellow human beings as mere individuals. When you talk to someone, think that you are talking to God. When you do not see God in others and treat them as your own, you will be giving room to evil qualities like anger, jealousy, hatred, etc. Develop the spirit of oneness. Only then will your life be redeemed.

When you go to a noble soul and ask him for a message, he will merely say, “My dear son, know thyself”. Today People are interested in knowing about others. They keep on enquiring, “Who are you? Where do you come from”? But, they do not enquire into themselves “Who am I”? It is only when you conduct such a self enquiry, will you get the correct answer. God has given you the human body. It is He who makes you talk, walk, laugh and even cry. Everything happens according to His Will. Develop such firm faith.

Selfless desires of mother Easwaramma

On this occasion, we should remember Mother Easwaramma and the ideals she exemplified. She was a paragon of virtues. She was always happy, cheerful and had a smiling countenance. Her heart was tender and sweet as it was filled with love and compassion. One day she approached Me with a request, “Swami, when the children of our village suffer from any ailment, their mothers have to carry them all the way to Bukkapatnam hospital. It is a heartrending sight to see the grief-stricken mothers carrying their children that far. There is no guarantee that they get proper medical attention even after going there. Hence, kindly establish a small hospital in our village itself.” I pacified her saying that her wish will certainly be fulfilled at an appropriate time. It is only when the kala, karma, karana and kartavya (time, action, reason and duty) are favourable, can one attain the desired result. I constructed a hospital as per her wish. On some other day, she came to Me with another prayer, “Swami, I am unable to bear the sight of small children carrying heavy loads of books and walking all the way to Bukkapatnam school. Even You had to walk to Bukkapatnam school in those days. Kindly construct a small school in our village and save them from the trouble of trudging all the way to Bukkapatnam for their studies. I assured her, “Don’t worry, I will surely construct a school in the village”. Accordingly, I fulfilled her wish.

She came to Me with yet another request, “Swami, people in our village are suffering for want of drinking water facility. They have to go all the way to Chitravathi river to fetch water. Even in Chitravathi, we do not find water always. It is not a perennial river. We find water only when there are rains. I feel very sad to see small children carrying pots filled with water on their tender shoulders. Water is the sustainer of life. Hence, kindly get a well dug in our village and quench the thirst of people.” I told her, “Your desires are very simple. I will certainly fulfil them in a big way. You don’t worry about these things. I will make sure that the people of our village have proper education and medical facilities.”

As per My promise to her, I got a small school constructed in the village. In the earlier days, she was concerned that not all the children of all the villages were attending school. Later on, I established a college. Easwaramma was very happy. Gradually, the college has developed into a university.

To begin with, I got a small hospital constructed on the top of the hill. Dr. Seetharamaiah from East Godavari district came here to serve in the hospital at My behest. He was an ardent devotee. He served here till his last breath. The hospital was totally managed by one doctor and two nurses in those days. Now much more has been achieved than what Easwaramma had asked for by establishing a Super Speciality Hospital. The simple desires of Easwaramma in those days paved the way for gigantic social welfare projects.

Once when I went to the banks of the river Chitravathi, I noticed some ladies from the village scooping out sand to get their pots filled with water. Later, Easwaramma also told Me about the hardships of the housewives in the village for obtaining drinking water and requested Me to do something to relieve their difficulties. Thereafter, I arranged for water to be supplied to the villages from a few hundred kilometres away. In fact, I fulfilled every little desire that she had expressed, the reason being, her desires were never for her own benefit but invariably in the larger interest of the villagers. Whenever anyone expresses a truly selfless desire, Swami will surely fulfil such wishes. What was once a small school has now been transformed into a multidisciplinary university. What was once a small well has been transformed into a gigantic water supply system.

Electricity was a rare privilege for the rural population those days. The politicians who came to power were not very enthusiastic and effective in supplying electricity for most villages. Therefore, I decided that without seeking their assistance or help, I must get these facilities provided by Myself. When Puttaparthi was electrified, there was jubilation and this even caused jealousy in nearby villages. Hence, I expanded the facility to other villages also. These were not casual acts of fancy, but were provided after ascertaining the needs of the villagers. See this vast auditorium. For whom have I got it constructed? Is it not for the comfort of all of you? It is said, Paropakaraya punyaya, papaya parapeedanam (one attains merit by helping others and commits sin by hurting them). Help ever, Hurt never. Hence, always strive to help everybody. Selfishness is an evil. Fish is better than ‘selfish’. Unfortunately, today you see persons who are utterly selfish everywhere. It is difficult to trace the origin of the present-day politics steeped in utter selfishness, but its consequences are rampant corruption and evil tendencies. If this kind of politics is eliminated, there will be happiness all around. All and sundry have now entered politics. Even panwalas and beedi vendors have developed political aspirations. One has to understand the true purpose and significance of politics before one enters into it. Instead of being helpful to society politicians actually engage themselves in harming those whom they are supposed to serve. Those in power expect that everyone should hanker after them for obtaining things as a matter of favour which in fact, are their right. I would therefore advice that you shun such politics. Instead, rely on your own innate strength. What sort of a practice is it to go from door to door begging for votes? If you lack the competence, your endeavours are bound to fail. Depend on God’s grace. If you depend on God, He will turn the minds of people in your favour. God is everything. Victory is secured only when you totally depend on God’s grace. Here again your prayers to God should not be for selfish reasons. If you are selfish, it practically renders you incapable of helping others. First of all, acquire good qualities. You must be helpful to a few people around you at least. Your efforts should reflect an element of sacrifice. Karmanyevadhikarasthe ma phaleshu kadachana (you have right only to work, but not to the fruit thereof). Be active in your life. Whatever work you take up, depend on your own innate strength. Do not depend on assistance, support or help from others. Be self-reliant. If you wish to have your family and children well educated and flourishing, you pray to God.

Strive to purify your heart

Wherever you look, God is present. From stars to hillocks, from insects to elephants, everything is pervaded by Brahman. Fill your heart with divine feelings. God is known as Hridayavasi (resident of heart). Here heart does not mean the physical heart. If there is enlargement of physical heart, it results in a disease. What I refer in this context is the spiritual heart which is present in every individual. When there is an expansion of heart, it gives rise to broadmindedness. On the other hand, when there is contraction of heart, you will have only narrow feelings. Hence, never entertain mean qualities. The human birth is highly sacred. That is why God assumes the human form. Hence, develop purity of heart and lead your lives in a sacred manner. When I give a discourse or involve you in bhajan singing, it is only meant for the expansion of your heart. When you participate in Nagar Sankirtan in the early hours of the day, your heart will be brimming with bliss. It is not enough if you merely sing for your own satisfaction. You should participate in community singing wholeheartedly and share your joy with one and all. Sing His glory full-throated and make everyone drink the nectar of the divine name. Your aim should always be to attain expansion of heart in every endeavour. Only then will the title of “human being” befits you. Be broadminded and share your happiness with everybody.

At present selfishness and self-interest are on the rise. People are not striving to purify their hearts. On the other hand, they are trying to cover up their mistakes and pose to be men of eminence. They are interested only in the welfare of their own family and friends. You should have concern for the feelings and well-being of others also. Love is God. Live in love. Love should not be tainted with narrow feelings of I and mine. All should live in amity with the spirit of oneness. It is possible only when you have firm faith that God is present in all. Without the presence of divinity within, one cannot live. With such awareness, live always in God consciousness. Consider the suffering of others as your own. Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you.

Consider love as your very life-breath. Grow in love. Be broadminded and share your love with everybody. Pray that others should not undergo the suffering you have undergone. Let everybody be happy and make progress in life. It is possible only when you develop love.

(Bhagawan ended His Discourse with the bhajan, “Prema Muditha Manase Kaho”.)