Develop the spirit of oneness

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Divine Discourse
Buddha Purnima, Whitefield (Bangalore), 23 May 2005.

Embodiments of Love!

Many dignitaries from Sri Lanka have spoken to you about the great teachings of Buddha. First of all, you have to understand that God is omnipresent. There is no place where you do not find God. The essence of the teachings of all scriptures is that God is present everywhere. Out of their ignorance, some people argue that God is limited to a particular place.

Divinity indwells in all beings

Truly speaking, Divinity is present in everyone and is all-pervasive. This is the basic truth of all doctrines and philosophies. See God everywhere. If you see God everywhere, nothing bad will happen to you. This ekatma bhava (principle of oneness) should be understood by the Bharatiyas.

See no evil; see what is good,
Talk no evil; talk what is good,
Hear no evil; hear what is good
Do no evil; do what is good,
Be always with God.

Some people call Him Rama, some others adore Him as Krishna and still some others worship Him as Buddha. Names and forms may vary, but God is one. God is not limited to a particular name, form, region or religion. There is only one God who pervades every atom of the Creation. Words fail to express the glory and grandeur of Divinity. People may describe Divinity in a number of ways, but no description can ever portray Divinity in full measure. In fact, to describe Divinity is a sign of delusion. Where is God? You are all the embodiments of God. God pervades all beings as their life-breath. Such transcendental principle of Divinity cannot be described. One may do one’s best to describe it at any length, yet all descriptions will fall short of what reality is. Water is infinite; a container cannot hold more water than its capacity. As is the size of the container, so is the quantity of water collected. Likewise, God is infinite, but each one describes Him based on his limited understanding. Divinity is much more than what human mind can comprehend.

Embodiments of Love!

It is impossible for anyone to describe Divinity in full measure. God is one, but people may describe Him in various ways depending on their feelings. Divinity is one. It is a sign of ignorance to divide God in the name of religion and limit Him to a particular name and form. God is limitless and boundless. He is sarvantaryami (all-knowing inner reality). He is sarva bhutantaratma (indweller of all beings). How can anyone describe such Divinity? God is present in everyone in the form of atma (Self). Develop self-confidence and spirit of oneness. Ekam sat viprah bahudha vadanti (truth is one, but the wise refer to it by various names). (Pointing to the tumbler, Swami said) This is water. Telugu people call it neeru, Tamilians call it thanni, so on and so forth. Different people call it by different names, but water is the same. Likewise, the same God is extolled by various names. The indweller is the same in all beings. People worship God by different names and forms, but God is one. The principle of the atma which resides in everyone is the true divine power. Only those with self-confidence are true bhaktas (devotees). You cannot call yourself a devotee if you lack self-confidence. Without self-confidence, you cannot achieve anything in life. Therefore, first and foremost, develop firm and unshakeable self-confidence. From self-confidence arises self-satisfaction. Self-satisfaction shows you the path of self-sacrifice which ultimately leads to self-realisation. Self-confidence is the basis for self-realisation.

There is nothing like my God and your God

Today many people practise meditation without knowing what it is. In the process, they waste a lot of time. What is meditation? Is it to sit cross-legged with closed eyes? No. Not at all. People undertake meditation with a deluded mind. Consequently, they are unable to achieve the desired result. What is meant by meditation? To think of God at all times and under all circumstances is true meditation. You should install God in your heart and discharge your duties with the feeling that God is the basis of everything. Only then can you be called a true devotee. Wherever you go, whatever you may do, recognise the truth that there is only one God and He is all-pervasive. Never give scope for differences saying my God and your God. Where is your God? Where is my God? All are one; be alike to everyone. There is only one God and He is present in everyone. It is a big mistake to think that God is different for different people. You should have firm faith that God is one. The process of inhalation and exhalation as indicated by the Soham principle is one and the same in everybody. Soham means “I am God.” This clearly demonstrates that God is not different from you. When man comes into the world, the first word he utters is “Koham, Koham” (who am I?). He should constantly keep asking this question until he realises his true identity. He should realise his true nature and proclaim, “Soham, Soham” (I am God) before leaving the world.

Never attribute multiplicity to Divinity on the basis of different names and forms such as Rama, Krishna, Jesus, Allah, Buddha, etc. You may call Him by any name, but God is one and the same. But these days, we do not find teachers who can make lasting impression on the hearts of people by imparting such sacred teachings. All the time, man keeps searching for God elsewhere. How can you find God elsewhere? Some people may call Him Allah; others may call Him by some other name. Does God become different for different people just because they call Him by different names? No, no. These are only names. To think that God is different for different people is a great delusion. You may call Him by any name. God is one.

Sri Lanka will be safe and secure

When you develop such spirit of oneness, you will certainly have sakshatkara (vision of the Divine). Everyone should develop ekatma bhava (spirit of oneness). Easwarah sarva bhutanam (God is the indweller of all beings). It is sheer ignorance to say, “My God is different from your God”. Those who quarrel with each other in the name of religion are foolish people. For some time now, certain types of differences have cropped up in Sri Lanka. Whatever others may say, we have to firmly believe that God is one. It is a great mistake to develop differences on the basis of our deluded thinking.

Once an old woman went in search of Jesus. When she met him, she asked, “Are you Jesus?” Jesus replied, “That is the name given to me. But you can call me by any name, I shall respond.” Names and forms are bound to change. When you are born, people call you a child. As you grow up, you are called a boy, then you become a man and later on a grandfather. But the child, boy, man and grandfather are one and the same. Childhood, youth and old age are merely the different stages of your life. But you are one and the same. Similarly, names and forms may be different, but God is one.

Embodiments of Love!

You have come here all the way from Sri Lanka because of your love for Me. My love for you is hundred times more than the love you have for Me (prolonged loud applause). Sri Lanka had to face many hardships, even from the time of Ravana. But Sri Lanka can never be put to harm. It will always be safe, secure and prosperous (loud prolonged applause). God is the leader of your country. As long as you have faith in God, you have nothing to fear. May you all enjoy safety and security! Wherever you go, whatever you do, have firm conviction that God is always with you, in you, around you, above you, below you. Do not be carried away by what others say. Have God firmly installed in your heart. You can never be put to any harm. No danger can ever befall you. Lead your lives with such courage and conviction. God will certainly bless you with success.

Embodiments of Love!

The hearts of the people of Sri Lanka are sacred. You are the embodiments of Love. Where there is love, there cannot be any adversity. Love is God. God is Love. Hence, fill your hearts with love.

Embodiments of Love!

Very soon I will visit Sri Lanka and bestow eternal bliss on all of you (thunderous applause). In the present situation, it is difficult for Me to walk. However, difficulty is only for the body. It comes and goes. I do not care for such physical constraints. I will certainly come to your country very soon and fulfil your long cherished dream. Right from a child to an old man, devotees in Sri Lanka think of Swami always. Your prayers and penance will certainly find fulfilment very soon. Cherish this sacred feeling in your heart. The passage of time will not affect the intimate relationship that exists between you and Me. It is eternal and everlasting.

Bhagavan concluded His Discourse with the Bhajan “Prema Mudhita Manase Kaho”.