The culture of Bharat

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Divine Discourse
Prasanthi Nilayam, 20 October 2003

Verily like a massive tusker knows not its own might; The sons of Bharat are quite unaware of the greatness of their culture; Tolerance and compassion its beauteous form; Truth above all other rituals strict; Mother’s love and reverence, the very elixir eternal; Character, true, greater than mere living of comfort; Unmindful of ones own heritage; The Bharatiya runs after fashions occidental; Sad is the sight, sadder the plight. (Telugu Poem)

Embodiments of Love!

It is enough if there are one or two organisations like this; Bharat can be restored to its pristine glory. The service activities have brought about a great transformation in the hearts of youth. If such sacred activities are undertaken in every village and in every street, the ancient culture of Bharat can certainly be revived. Today, there are very few people who practise and propagate the sacred values of our culture. The Bharatiyas have completely forgotten their rich cultural heritage and are imitating the Western Culture, losing their sanctity. Though the culture of Bharat is ancient, it is ageless and as relevant in the contemporary scene and, hence, it should be practised and propagated in every village.

A few elders of the Organisation have approached Me for guidance in carrying out the service activities. Tomorrow I will speak to the organisers from Hyderabad and the youth, and give them the necessary guidelines. You are well aware how the values have degenerated in the city of Hyderabad which was once known as Simhapuri. People have lost faith in our ancient values and are ruining their lives by aping the Western Culture.

Embodiments of Love!

Words of appreciation or any type of compliments are inadequate to describe in full the great ideal demonstrated by you. I shall provide buses in which you can travel to various villages and perform service activities. Today, the world is witnessing a strange scenario. People preach spirituality on the one hand and act quite otherwise on the other. This has become common especially in the big cities. People in cities, however well educated they are, have completely forgotten our ancient traditions and are behaving in a perverse manner in the name of modernism. The enthusiasm, dynamism and the ancient traditional values that are found in you, the youth in particular, are not found anywhere else. It is only those who know the greatness of our ancient culture will be able to understand and appreciate the sacred feelings of your hearts. It is most essential that you propagate our ancient culture in every village and in every hamlet. Though the people of villages are interested in disseminating our ancient culture, they are unable to do so for want of resources. Hence, I will give all necessary support and encouragement for the furtherance of this sacred cause. Such ideal students who participate in this sacred activity of Grama Seva will be given admission in our educational institutions. Do not think that you are outsiders. All this is yours. I am yours and these institutions belong to you. You have every right to be here. I am always ready to provide any help that you may require.

Tomorrow, I will address all of you separately and give you guidelines for your future activities. Never give room for disappointment. March ahead with all hope and enthusiasm. Tomorrow, with full of happiness in your heart, wait for Swami to address you. I may come any moment. Never give up chanting the Name of God. The Divine Name is like a boat that can take you across the ocean of life. I will give the necessary strength to your units. Be prepared to undertake rural service activities with great enthusiasm. Today, right at this moment, you must take a firm resolve to develop and expand your activities.

Embodiments of Love!

Today, while watching your excellent programme depicting the rural development activities, I lost Myself in joy. Tomorrow, I will spend more time with you and bestow immense happiness on all of you.

Bhagawan sang the Bhajan, “Prema Mudita Manase Kaho…” and continued the Discourse.

Embodiments of Love!

Never get yourselves entangled in politics. Keep yourselves away from all political activities. Continue your sacred social work and sanctify your time by chanting the Divine Name. Follow your chosen path with determination and achieve success. Today selfishness is rampant in the field of politics. You should lead a life of selfless service contemplating on God all the time and thus redeem yourselves. Tomorrow morning, I will come and address you at length.