The tiger in the ring

NAVARAATHRI is celebrated in honour of the victory that the Paraa-Shakthi (the Goddess of Energy, immanent in the Microcosm and the Macrocosm) achieved over the Asura or Evil Forces, as described in the Devi Mahaathmyam and Devi Bhaagavatham. The Paraa-Shakthi is in every one as the Kundalini Sakthi (dormant spiritual energy), which is able to destroy when awakened, the evil tendencies inside the mind; so, the Navaraathri is to be dedicated by all for the propitiation of the outer as well as inner Divinity, in order that the outer and the inner worlds may have peace and joy. By means of systematic Saadhana it is possible to tap the inner resources that God has endowed man with and elevate yourselves to the purer and happier realm of the Reality.

Look at the trainers of wild beasts. They bring the tiger, the most ferocious of animals, like a cat into the circus ring, and make it jump through a hoop of fire or lap milk from a plate, face to face with a goat, sitting on a chair! They are able to subdue its ferocity and tame it, reduce it to the position of an unassuming toy! How could they do it? They did Saadhana, they made the tiger also go through a regimen of Saadhana and they succeeded! If you could succeed with the tiger, can you not succeed with the ferocious denizens of your mind?

Three aspects of Shakthi

You can. That is the message of Navaraathri, the Nine Days’ Festival celebrating the victory of the Primal Energy. That energy, when it is manifested in its Saathwik (quiet) aspect is delineated as the Great Teacher and Inspirer, Mahaa-Saraswathi; when it is Raajasik (active and potent), the great Provider and Sustainer, Mahaalakshmi; when it is Thaamasik (dull and inactive), but, latent and apparently quiet as the Great Dark Destroyer and Deluder, Mahaa-kaali. Since Shakthi is all-pervasive, omnipotent, infinitesimal as well as all-comprehensive, it can be contacted everywhere, in outer nature or inner consciousness. Prahlaadha told his doubting father: “Why doubt, discuss and delay? Seek it anywhere; you can see It.” It is near and far, before, behind, beside and inside everything, in the known and the unknown world.

People dare describe Her or Him, as thus and thus; that reveals only their faculty to guess. No description can picture the portrait in full. When direct realisation is won, the tongue is rendered dumb; the portrait is unlimnable. It is beyond the reach of human intelligence or imagination. But, man seeks to picture the vast magnificance within a limited frame and locate it in Ayodhya or Dhwaaraka or Madurai or Kanyaakumari or some such spot, and give it a Name and a Form, so that he can approach It and adore It. The Name and Form identify It, they do not limit It. When you dive into the Sea at one place, you are diving into the Full, not a Fraction, for the ocean is the same everywhere. You cannot separate it into sections by drawing lines on it. Plunge any where; you are plunging into the self-same Bliss.