Pay the price

Man’s mind is so peculiarly constituted that he puts faith in newspapers and bazaar rumours, but refuses to believe that Sri Krishna taught the Geetha to Arjuna or that Vyaasa composed the Bhaagavatha. This is because the newspaper caters to his senses, to his craze for sensationalism and curiosity about other men and their affairs. Man’s sense of values is so degraded that he does not revere the Geetha, as much as he values and scans the pages of the daily newspaper. This is to be attributed to sheer ignorance and perversity, or pitiable fate. People lend their ears and mortgage their brains to wicked and vicious men, revelling in sin. They get the admirers they deserve, the following that fouls the air as much as they.

The fear and anxiety that infect humanity today are the results of this degradation of values, this ignorance of what is of significance and what is not, this want of faith in what the elders and sages have handed down as the wisdom of ages. People prefer what is pleasing to what is beneficial. The patient is dictating to the doctor and insisting on the medicine he likes to swallow, the regimen he feels will keep him happy.

Persons who do not know a single thing about the higher values raise silly questions and doubts; you, who have inherited the greatest philosophical texts and the most useful texts on spiritual discipline, hesitate to place them before those doubters; you do not know what they contain, nor have you practised them and experienced their efficacy. There are people now who claim to be Indians, but who do not know who Raama is, who refer to his queen as Mrs. Raama since they do not know her name. Such men may have as many degrees as I have hairs on my head, but, they are unworthy to be called the children of this land. What if a person rolls in wealth, goes about in cars, and lives in a multistoried mansion? Of what avail is your filling yourself with information regarding film-stars and prize-fighters? As Ramana Maharishi used to tell everyone who went to him, “Know who you are”. When asked, “Who are you?” you invariably give the name that someone fixed on you as a label. But, who are you, really? Have you tried to know that correctly and well?

Get something divine if you want the Divine

It is the running after vishaya vaasana — attachment to sense objects — that produces all this discontent. That vaasana, that type of desire, has no end. Once you become a slave to the senses, they will not leave hold of you until your death. It is an unquenchable thirst. But I call you to Me and even grant worldly boom, so that you may turn Godward. No Avathaara has done like this before, going among the people, the masses, the millions, and counselling them, guiding them, consoling them, uplifting them, directing them along the path of Sathya, Dharma, Shaanthi and Prema. You must have wondered way I have prohibited you from bringing flowers and fruits and other offerings; you argue that the Geetha requires that you must bring at least these when you come to the Lord; that when going to the presence of elders and saints, one should not go empty handed.

Here, in this Prashaanthi Nilayam, pathram, pushpam, phalam and thoyam (leaf, flower, fruit and water) — all the four should not be brought by devotees. Of course, I accept your offerings, but I take another four: Sathya, Dharma, Shaanthi and Prema (Truth, Virtue, Peace and Love). Bring me these or any one of these and I shall most gladly accept the gift. When you demand a thing, you must be prepared to pay the price, the price equal to its value. You cannot bargain a costly Benares sari for one paisa. Give something divine if you want the Divine. Prema, Shaanthi, Dharma and Sathya are Divine. Do not try to get it for a flower that fades, a fruit that rots, a leaf that dries, water that evaporates. There are some who write and speak as if they have known Me, all that is to be known of Me. Well; I can only say this’ they can never know Me and My nature, even if they are born and reborn a thousand times. To know Me one has to be like Me, rise to this height. Can ants discover the depth of the Ocean?

God can be won over only by Prema

My activities and movements will never be altered, whoever may pass whatever opinion on them. Meanness may prompt people to remark on My Dress, this gown of colour, or they may talk cynically of My Hair, but I shall not be affected a bit. My discourses, My plans for Dharmasthaapana (establishment of Dharma), My movements, I shall not modify at all. I have stuck to this determination, since 26 years, and I am engaged in the task for which I have come, to inculcate the path of Prashaanthi. I shall not stop, nor retract a step. Does a person become holier by wearing rags? Of course, this calumny by mean men who cannot endure the brilliance of the Sun has been with Me in all the Yugas. A fellow, puffed up with pride and envy, dressed himself like Krishna and fixed wooden hands holding Gadha and Chakra; he had the foolish bravado of challenging Krishna and finally he paid for this impertinence pretty heavily! How can darkness conquer or stand up to light? Krishna is Premaswaruupa and He can be won over only by Prema. Audacity cannot approach Him. Actors in films, however correct their accoutrements and intonation, can never be the Real. Not even the biggest scientist can understand Me by means of the categories to which he is accustomed. I always smile at those who deride Me, and even those who praise Me. I am always full of happiness, whatever may happen. Nothing can come in the way of My Smile. Derision and calumny only tend to make it grow better and happier.

Do not undermine the faith of others

That is why I am able to impart joy to you and make your burden lighter. The sambhaashana (conversation) with God is said to result in sankata-vimochanam (liberation from the grip of grief). Consider the relief that you experience after conversation with Me and dwell upon that joy. That is enough to give you peace. It is because I am eager to give you that Joy that, for a tenday festival like this, I myself move about so much and look into every detail of the programmes, the arrangements for your stay, etc. Not that there is no one who would do this gladly and well.

But, watch Me now, I appear as if I am not worried at all, I am without arty care. ! appear as if responsibility sits very light on Me or not at all. The Lord is like the Lotus, unaffected by the environment where He is; that is the reason why His Eyes, His Face, His Feet, are all compared to the Lotus. Do not discard the one Form and one Name — the Form and Name you have selected — when some one’s tongue wags. Hold fast; and save yourselves. Do not compare and cavil at others Ishtadevathas (chosen deities). It is wrong to undermine the faith of another, and to disturb your own. Faith is a plant of slow growth; its roots go deep into the heart. Silence is the best saadhana, to guard faith; that is why I insist on silence here also, as a first step in saadhana for you.

I am telling you all this, not to inform you about Me, but to strengthen you and render your faith firm.